Helena Zhang is a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in digital products, creative direction, art direction, visual design, branding, and iconography; and works toward design that's universal and succinct.

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Prolific Interactive

Prolific Interactive is a mobile-focused digital product agency, with a culture built around small teams, partnerships, and learning. In mid-2015, I spearheaded a brand refresh to better reflect the spirit and energy of the company.

The project began by laying down core values and fleshing out a visual language and brand voice. We introduced a more vibrant Prolific blue and a new set of typography to strike a fresh, honest, bold — yet friendly — tone.

We chose Founders Grotesk for our display type, Graphik for body copy, and a family of cool greys and secondary accents to supplement the palette.


What Prolific values most is its people — it's what makes it all come together. The new website highlights the individuals behind the work and the ideas. We developed a system for team portraits with a set of dynamic gradients (implemented in CSS) and treatments for avatar, thumbnails, and full-body shots.

We crafted our case studies to richly showcase our projects with as little as possible. I directed the language, imagery, and rhythm of the page to tell the story.

A brand is a living thing. The ongoing project continues today with refinements in voice and tone; development of internal templates and systems to support business development, research documentation, wireframing, etc; and formation of a brand team to support it all.

Above: Wireframing templates.

Below: Suite of analytics and user research templates.

Client: Prolific Interactive
Disciplines/Platforms: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Branding, Visual Design, Iconography, Mobile, Web
Year: 2015-2017

Thanks: Chris Meyers, V Jinangkul, Courtney Starr, Allan Lopez, Stetson Hayes, Pawel Piekarski, Pooja Hoffman, David Ertel, Antoine Tanzilli


Cockpit is a custom theme for Android. Collaboration with Toby Fried.

In the spirit of cockpit user interfaces, everything is accessible at first glance, with one tap.

The top map area features the time, date, weather, and transit integration of the nearest 3 trains or buses. Below that, unread messages and tweets are displayed, followed by system information updated real-time. A sticky utility bar sits at the bottom of the view, housing the most-used apps.

Above: Warning state when numbers approach or exceed maximum.

Below: Swiping left reveals secondary apps in a grid.

Custom icon set.

Cockpit was built in Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP), using Tasker to handle notification profiles. Implemented with Google Maps API and TransiCast API. Typeface: Mark.

Client: Personal Project
Disciplines/Platforms: Art Direction, Visual Design, Iconography, Android
Year: 2016-2017

Thanks: Toby Fried


SoulCycle is one of the original boutique fitness studios in metropolitan areas offering high-energy indoor cycling classes. In 2015 and 2016, I led the product design on their digital experiences with a killer product team.

We launched a refresh of Soul's responsive web in fall 2015. Though mostly a visual refresh to bring parity across web and iOS, we re-architectured critical problem areas and tightened SoulCycle's brand personality and consistency.

Commerce refresh.

SoulCycle iOS is a powerful booking utility for riders; the goal is to get riders off the phone and onto their bike. In 2015-16, I molded the iOS app with my team, optimizing the experience with power features and marketing integrations, while keeping our primary goal in mind.

Above: schedule view with week-by-week navigation and day-by-day views to quickly scan what classes are available.

Above: ability to bookmark classes in advance and prioritize in preparation for Monday sign-ups.

Below: we built a robust filtering feature we named "Plan My Ride" to help riders easily find the class that fit their schedule.

Client: SoulCycle
Disciplines/Platforms: Product Design, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Visual Design, Iconography, iOS, Web
Year: 2015-2016

Thanks: Chris Meyers, Christine Lee, Mike Rembach, Caitlin O'Connell, Jeremy Browning, Stephany Shigekuni, Kanglei Fang


I have 8+ years experience designing in digital — brands, websites, mobile apps, and large-scale backdrops for the film industry. Past clients include: Babies"R"Us, Amex, SoulCycle, Beautycounter, Mario Batali, Tribeca Film Festival, New York University, Vevo, and Condé Nast. Say hello.