Explorations for the letter A during 36 Days of Type

Project: Prolific Interactive

Prolific Interactive is a mobile-focused digital product agency, with a culture built around small teams, partnerships, and learning. In mid-2015, I spearheaded a brand refresh to better reflect the spirit and energy of the company.

We codified core values, defined style (type, colors, and iconography), and developed a fresh, honest, bold — yet friendly — tone.

We put the people first with portraits throughout the site, including treatments for avatar, thumbnails, and full-body shots. We mixed and matched them with a set of dynamic gradients implemented in CSS.

Our case studies were crafted to richly and succinctly showcase our projects through simple language, powerful imagery, and dynamic rhythm of the page.

Internal documents and tools adopted the look and feel. Below: Wireframing templates.

Below: Suite of analytics and user research templates.

A brand is a living thing.

The ongoing project continues with refinements in voice and tone, development of templates and processes to support every department, and the formation of a brand team to support it all.

Project: Cockpit

Cockpit is a custom theme for Android that reimagines the mobile dashboard. Collaboration with Toby Fried.

In the spirit of aeronautic interfaces, UI elements live in a flat hierarchy, accessible at first glance, with one tap.

Features include time, date, weather, and transit integration; messages and tweets; and real-time system information. A sticky utility bar sits at the bottom of the view, housing the most-used apps.

Below: Swiping left reveals secondary apps in a grid.

Below: Custom icon set.

Cockpit was built in Kustom Live Wallpaper (KLWP), using Tasker to handle notification profiles. Implemented with Google Maps API and TransiCast API. Typeface: FF Mark.

Miscellaneous experiments

Bunnimoji: Teary bunny

Bunnimoji: Set of faces

Bunnimoji: Ears

Pixel render of Nevins St subway stop

Fun with Framer: floating ball

Linoleum series: 80s

Linoleum series: Forest

Linoleum series: Green study